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Allegheny County, Pennsylvania Thursday, June 13, 2024  

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In June 2005, the Township of South Park sent 2 South Park Police Department (SPPD) officers to training to certify them as child safety technicians. The SPPD officers attended 5 days of training 9 hours each day. At the conclusion of the week-long training, the SPPD officers had to pass a practical as well as a federal exam to prove proficiency.

During the training, the SPPD officers learned how to locate recalled seats and install every type of child seat into every type of vehicle. The Township of South Park would now like to extend this service to our residents. The SPPD will be taking appointments to have any resident’s child seat checked for free by SPPD officers. The process takes about 45 minutes and will be completed on an appointment basis until more officers are trained. If you think your child’s seat is already installed correctly, consider this; the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration estimates that 79.5% of seats are incorrectly used. The National SAFEKIDS campaign conducts informal checkup events across the US and consistently record 90%-99% incorrect use rates. Motor vehicle crashes account for nearly 42% of all unintentional childhood injury and deaths. If child seats are installed properly they are 71% effective in reducing death. If you believe you’re a good driver and don’t believe you will be involved in a crash consider this; during the first 7 months of 2005 the SPPD responded to 132 crashes here in the Township. That averages out to be 22 crashes a month or 5 crashes per week.

Take this opportunity to ensure that your child is safe. Make an appointment by calling (412) 833-1000. During the appointment your child’s seat will be checked for recalls, fit and correctly installed. The SPPD will install the seat correctly and then train the parent/guardian/grandparent/sibling to install the seat correctly. Once the seat is installed correctly, the parents will be trained on how to properly secure their child into the seat.

Correct installation can be very difficult with some seats but can be done with practice. There is NO CHARGE for this service and there is NO LIMIT to the number of seats we will install for you. As your child grows and the seats change, the department will assist you in making the correct changes for your child’s seat. Remember that PA Law mandates that all children be secured in some type of seat until 8 years of age. The South Park Police Department is grateful to have this certification as another way to serve our residents in South Park.

Call us today at (412) 833-1000 and make an appointment.

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